When in ….

…Rome L.A, do as the locals do?

Since coming here I have done some things I have never done before: had a massage in an upmarket spa along Sunset Boulevard, for a start.

Anyone who knows me will know that spending time in a spa is, well, not exactly me. Firstly, I can always think of things I would rather be doing with my money than pampering myself with stuff that really doesn’t matter. Secondly, well – do I need a second reason? But my daughter had some gift certificates, and so off we went to the spa…

Which was all insanely luxurious and deliciously pleasant and horribly decadent.

We then went and had a cheapo pedicure and a manicure in a Vietnamese assembly line beauty parlour – fun place actually, where you can – at the same time as your feet are being mangled by charmingly indifferent humans – have your back massaged by one of those awful massage chairs that feel like something out of a horror movie. (“Eek! Janey, the chair’s alive! It’s eating meeeffmwmwm!”)

I now have polished nails for the first time in…um…thirty years? Which is much more fun than doing it every week…


When in …. — 3 Comments

  1. I empathise with how you are feeling.
    Society, industry and media today places too much emphasis on youth and beauty and shuns the freedom of ageing gracefully.
    People spend extraordinary amounts of money in the vain hope of retaining their youth and end up looking like mutton dressed as lamb.
    On the other side of the coin, young people are in such a hurry to grow up and appear older that they forsake their childhood years for adult clothes and makeup and have the appearance of lamb dessed as mutton.

  2. Ironic, isn’t it? And really none of all the outward show is anything that matters…

    Greying hair, age spots, wrinkles and hips that object to overuse are all present in my life at the moment, yet I still feel young. I still look forward with anticipation to my future…

  3. Not all of us age as gracefully (or as slowly) as glenda, alas. 😮

    Did the massage help the hip muscles, or did they have to avoid them for fear of further damaging them?

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