Meet you this weekend?

The organisers of a science fiction and fantasy convention called Conflux, a yearly event held in Canberra – which I would give a lot to go to on a regular basis because it is one of the best cons around – had a neat idea this year.

They are having a mini virtual con before the real thing.
This weekend in fact.
You can come along and hang out with other minicon goers in a chatroom, or you can enter a forum with a published writer or an editor or a publisher and talk to them – well, type anyway …how about that? Different people at different times.

And it’s my turn in the forum on Saturday at midnight Eastern Australian Time for an hour (which is thankfully only 10 p.m. here in K.L., so I shouldn’t be totally spaced out). You can come and chat to me, ask me whatever you like, whine about the state of the fantasy world, whinge about my books…or whatever.

Take a look here for how to be there. Won’t cost you a cent. And I don’t want to sit in the forum all by myself, ok?

This is going to be such fun, and it’s the next best thing to actually going to Conflux…


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  1. See you then, technology willing (I’ll be on the road in London). I should have the book by then, but I can’t promise to have read it all.

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