Malaysia and the wisdom of half a century

How’s this for a senario:

X, hair beautifully done and clutching a handbag, is wearing a fashionable dress, high heels and make up. Perfume too. Looks and smells good. Obviously cares about appearance…

Y is wearing a cute white crocheted cap, a one-piece long dress swishing around the ankles, and slippers. No make-up.

Z is wearing heavy khaki trousers with pockets along the sides, lace-up boots, no make-up, and a khaki shirt. Hair cut short.

One of those folk could be bound for jail because they are breaking Malaysian law – no, they didn’t rob a bank. They wore the wrong clothes. That’s right…in our 50-year-old nation, you can go to jail or be fined for dressing – modestly – in the wrong clothes. Weird, huh?

The Z above could be me in my working clothes, men’s clothes I might add, right down to the shoes which I often get in the boys’ department.

Y is the Haji on his way to the mosque perhaps, or just popping out to the local coffee shop, wearing his long robe.

And X is the one who is breaking the law, because he happens to be a man and dares to wear a skirt.

Now can anyone tell me :
Is this fair just on the grounds of logic alone?
If cross-dressing is illegal, why don’t they come after me?
Why can a man wear a robe or a sarong but not a skirt?

How absurd can human beings be?
And how tragically insane the law can be, to penalise people following the dictates of the personality they were born with, who do no harm to anyone by the way they dress.

Are we really 50 years wise?

Read this and learn what can happen after the arrest, and thanks to Cheryl for the link.

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