I live in a zoo, I swear…

The civets fight and squeal in my ceiling. [I’m told they make very good coffee, as my Orbit editor, Darren Nash, took care to point out to me. He has since decided never to accept a cup of coffee from me.]

The house geckoes and the spotted geckoes fight over the choice places next to the lights, and I have to fight the tree frog for the right to use my shower.

And today, a treeshrew (which does not live in trees and is not a shrew, or a squirrel, or in fact any kind of rodent), set off the burglar alarm by scampering down the passageway after entering through the back window.

Oh, and if you want to know about the coffee, check it our here.

The pix of the treeshrew is from Mamalia Semenanjung Malaysia by a special friend of ours, Mohd Momin Khan, the best book for Peninsular Malaysia mammals, and was drawn by another pal of mine Teh Yew Kiang.

Dig those crazy toenails.

The pix of the frog is from my bathroom.


I live in a zoo, I swear… — 2 Comments

  1. The frogs is beautiful. Well< is suppose I can say that because it's not my hot water he's stealing. I sometimes feel like I travel through a zoo to get home – but those are all humanoids that I encounter, alas.

  2. 1. I will always inquire closely into the provenance of any coffee you ever get the chance to offer me from now on;

    2. “The shower is MINE frog get out”

    3. I’ve LIVED in tropical and subtropical places, and I know about “space invaders” – the critters who creep in and make the insides of your house, er, interesting. But on the whole – I have few problems with God’s abundance of life and living things but I do draw the line of them sharing my living space when not invited. My story involves a praying mantis on my pillow – YOU try waking up with that staring at you. Scarred for life, I was.

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