High in Orbit….

Well, that’s the way I feel. Honestly.

Late last night my husband came in from Kota Kinabalu and brought with him the Orbit (UK) edition of Heart of the Mirage, book 1 of The Mirage Makers. It had been sent to our apartment there, but I was already back here in Selangor. So I had to wait until he flew in and I could get my hot little hands on it.

Isn’t it just BEAUTIFUL?

There’s a great quote from Kate Elliott, one of my own favourite authors, on the front. And they have done a really neat thing too – they have put a tiny image of the cover of Book 2 on the back.

In just two or three weeks time, all you folk over there in the UK should be able to buy it in your local bookstores. You can order it right now, in fact. You are the wonderful readers who put Havenstar on the Amazon bestseller list for a couple of weeks back in 1999, so how about giving this one a try too?

Here’s what someone wrote after reading the Australian edition of Heart of the Mirage for the second time:
Anything that is so compelling it keeps me awake until all hours when I ALREADY KNOW WHAT HAPPENS is darn good reading imo!

End of promo.

Just go order the thing, and when you have read it, don’t forget to put me out of my misery and tell me what you thought – good, bad or indifferent, it doesn’t matter. I am a writer who believes in the wisdom of listening to all feedback.


High in Orbit…. — 6 Comments

  1. It’s a gorgeous cover!!! My fingers are crossed for the most spectacular launch of the trilogy in the UK! It’s a great set of books, you deserve it to go sky high.

  2. what a super, super cover! GORGEOUS… I love the jackets Orbit UK are putting out ATM – so pretty! Here’s hoping it tempts lots of lovely readers 🙂

  3. Great news. :o) And now my UK friends who dithered about getting a pb shipped to them from Oz will have no excuse, hee.

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