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Nicole asked a second question too: Which book that has been published do you wish you did write, and why?

You mean, besides The Da Vinci Code or any of the Harry Potter books, right?

That’s a tough one.

Would I like the money of J.K.Rowlings?
Or the esteem given to Tolkien who broke the ground first in so many respects?
Or the literary nod given to fantasy writers whose work is considered mainstream literature such as the Latino magical realism writers?
Or the adulation given to Gaiman by his legions of fans?
Or the respect of my peers as is given to people like Gene Wolfe?

Aaaargh, the question gets harder and harder.

I’ve just hugely enjoyed Temeraire by Naomi Novak. Would love to have written that – it’s so well done and such fun at the same time.
I’d love to have the satisfaction of knowing I had written just about anything by Guy Gavriel Kay – the being able to write a brilliant story in such good prose…

No, I give up. Too hard.

I want to write books that keep people up at nights until they’ve finished reading, at the same time as writing beautiful lyrical language…is that too much to ask? Lol…


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  1. I’d have to agree. I wish I wrote Temeraire too! What a fun book to read! Am eagerly awaiting Naomi Novik’s fourth novel now.

  2. OK, I’ll bite and ask a question, too. It’s actually a two-part question, but I hope that’s OK.

    Which book you’ve written is your favourite and why?

    And now part 2 of the question (for hopeful authors and a bit tongue-in-cheek): Is there ever a chance you’ll like your second and third books better than the first? It seems to me there is such exhilaration at finishing the first, it has to stay your favourite for a long time 😉

  3. I am forever grateful that there are such varied books being written in such different styles!! It makes my reading life so good!!!

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