What else happens at a con?

There are book launches
(1. Kylie, Nicole and Richard Harland; 2. Emma, Donna Hanson and Trudi Canavan)

There’s just hanging about talking
(Marianne de Pierres, Sean Williams, Darren Nash, Tim Holman, Joel Shepherd and Rob Hood)
and chicken imitations…

And generally lots of stimulating panels and talk. Lots of talk. Late into the night. There was even the experience of being at a room party threatened with police action if we didn’t break it up… Heavens, I haven’t been at one of those for years!! I felt quite young again.


What else happens at a con? — 4 Comments

  1. Presumably it wasn’t the police threatening the action, but some spoilsport civilian with delusions of being able to sleep during a con?

    Darren has put on weight, bless him – it’s either those publishers’ lunches or the joys of fatherhood.

  2. It was the hotel that did the threatening. And i think the delusion was that a simple request would not have worked.

    A hotel employer remained outside the door, standing well back to make sure we left – and the expression on her face was a picture. She obviously expected to be abused by a mob of unruly drunkards carrying beer cans and slopping alcohol. Instead, what she got was a far from drunk crowd of (mostly) respectable writers/ publishers/ professionals trooping out in an orderly fashion, grumbling mildly, all somewhat bemused at being threatened with a police presence. It was actually quite funny.

  3. Have the hotel not hosted FSF cons before then?

    The hotel here on the rock that we’ve used for a couple of the British Eastercons actually welcomes our return because they know the fans (and professionals) are maybe a little eccentric but otherwise a well-enough-behaved amiable crowd who won’t trash the joint. :o)

  4. Donna says:
    That was a classic. Actually Glenda I don’t think I’ve ever been at a party that has been closed down before, or threatened with closure. I did feel like a child. A rather unusual way to feel young again. Cat holds great parties though. She has all the nice touches like blue cocktails and jelly dinosaours on the glasses.

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