So what else happens at a con?

Well, at this one, I saw my latest book for the first time in its finished state…
Held it in my hand.
Felt relief.

It is finally birthed and about to take its first hesitant steps into the world. Make sure it is welcomed, ok?


should be available sometime next month in Australia, so now is the time to order it from your friendly local bookseller.

But that wasn’t the only lovely happening.
I had a surprise in my con bag, and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it, back and front.

I must write to the Voyager publicists and say thanks.
A real rush to find myself spoken of in the same breath as Anne Bishop and Jenny, and with Trudi making nice comments.
But then, Trudi didn’t know me when she said that.

Now she’s more likely to say Glenda, rather than Glenda’s books, is the culprit that keeps her up late.

There’s now a little matter of room parties and chocolate and talk and gin, you see…


So what else happens at a con? — 9 Comments

  1. That’s kick-ass publicity. Wow.

    Sounds like you had a great time at the con – someday I’ll make an Australian convention, someday someday someday…

  2. I was bowled over as I had no idea they were doing this! Kick-ass, indeed.

    And I love the cover too, Grant. I love the Orbit covers even more…I shall put the first of them up in the next week or so.

  3. Woo-hoo Glenda – looking forward to its release so-oo much. I might even have my own private chocolate party to celebrate…

  4. I was drooling over that copy of Shiver Barrens too, only I wouldn’t dare take too much of a look because I have to wait to long to get another copy into my hands and I’m too impatient – which sneak peeks would make worse ;(
    It looks great though!

  5. Now, those comments are so true. I read the “Isle of Glory” trilogy in 3 days. I just couldn’t put them down. I’m intending to read through them again at a much shorter pace soon, just so I can asorb and not feel “OMG!! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???” about the whole thing.

    I am singing your praises everywhere I go:D

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