So, anyone out there going to Convergence2?

If so, please introduce yourself to me! Love to meet you…

I am a real sucker for sff (science fiction/fantasy) cons, since the very first one I attended in Perth, Western Australia. I knew no one there, and I was made so welcome and ended up making some real friends among a fabulous group of people. It was even the place that I met my publisher/editor from Harper Collins Voyager for the first time.

The second sff con I attended (Conflux in Canberra) was even better, simply because I met so many Voyager authors and people from the Purple Zone (the message board of the Voyager website where a lot of crazy writers and readers get together to discuss books and writing and science fiction versus fantasy…)

And so ever since, I have been trying to get to as many cons as I can. Last year I didn’t manage any. Happily, this year, it will be Convergence2 in Melbourne, which is the 2007 National Convention. It has the added attraction of the opportunity to meet Darren Nash from Orbit UK again, who will be publishing The Mirage Makers (first book, Heart of the Mirage, out beginning August). I met him very briefly at the Worldcon in Glasgow…

And then there’s Trudi Canavan and Karen Miller and Gillian and my room-mate and pal, Donna…

I can’t wait.


So, anyone out there going to Convergence2? — 6 Comments

  1. Wish I could be there. I’m not on the wrong side of the world now, only the wrong side of the country (back in Perth, house-sitting for a few weeks)and it looks as though I shall have to go con-less this entire year:-(

    Next year, friends, in Melbourne…

  2. One day. Just one day, sigh. I’d really love to be spending the whole weekend there to catch up with you properly! But one day will have to do.

    Don’t forget to bring your suit of armour, for protection from all those proxy hugs!

  3. Hi Satima, hope your trip was all you could have desired! Just try to be in Perth for Swancon next year…

    Rather Hrugaar, I hope people don’t ask me awkward questions. I am on two panels…

    Karen, should I be very afraid?

  4. Having seen you in action on panels in Glasgow, I can’t imagine a question too awkward for you to handle, glenda. Of course, the answer you give may not be the one the questioner was hoping to hear. :oD

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