Back in Kuala Lumpur

Arrived back last night, late, after sitting in the middle seat of the middle row of a full flight for eight hours…

I will post more on the con later today, together with photos if they are any good.

Today, though, I have a project meeting at 9.30 am, and I also have to go to the immigration department once more, to beg them to allow me stay yet another year in the country I have called my own for more than 30 years …

Now I wonder why I sometimes get the feeling that this country really, really doesn’t like foreign wives who had the audacity to marry one of their own?

Thirty years is a long time to feel unwanted.


Back in Kuala Lumpur — 2 Comments

  1. A friend has just forwarded me some photos from Convergence including some of you among others. It looks as though a good time was had by all.
    I hope all goes well with the Immigration interview.

  2. Ugh, middle seat on long-haul flight – merits a place in one of Dante’s circles of Hell.

    Sorry you have to go through the immig. routine yet again. Though at least they talk to you, rather than demanding that your (owner) husband speak on your behalf. 😮

    So did Karen give you the pb of your new book? :o)

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