Should I claim on mileage?

I am back – briefly – in Kota Kinabalu. Off again on Tuesday, though, to Kinabalu Park and Danum Valley.

We have spent 3 weeks on the trail, and here’s a picture that explains what that means.

Unfortunately, the trekking shoes gave up a full two days hike, plus a boat ride and an aeroplane ride away from the nearest shoe shop…
It really is remarkable what one can do with a couple of elastic bands plus the ties out of my leech socks, when the alternative is to wear a pair of flip-flops on wet and muddy paths. Of course, thereafter the leech socks wouldn’t stay up, with not-so-good consequences…

I think I should claim sole mileage from my employer. Fortunately, though my soles may leave much to be desired, my soul is in good nick, thanks to the beauty and serenity of the places I have been.

More to come. Stay tuned. I have a lot of catching up to do – and apologies to all who emailed and had their email bounced back over the past week. Blame it on Viagra and the fact that I won an online lottery multiple times, all while I was internet-less in the forest.
Pix: Endau-Rompin Park, Johor.

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