Some more photos from Imbak Valley

Remember – we wanted to find the Bornean Peacock-Pheasant.

Seems we went to the wrong place. The area where the last one anyone has ever seen in North Borneo was shot in 1996 (by the Sabah Museum) has the same name as the area around Imbak.

But there is another area with that name – seems we went to the wrong one. Next time.

At Imbak, though, we did hear a report about lots of Black Partridges, another very rarely seen rare bird… hmmm

Anyway, here are some more pix from Imbak:
Dennis and I birding in the mist early morning.
The last pix is me writing in camp at night.
The river views are behind where I was writing (remember, these buildings have no walls, which is fantastic. You feel you are living in the middle of the rainforest.)


Some more photos from Imbak Valley — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Datin,

    I hope you have taken a lot of pictures of all the buildings at Imbak. I have some bad news about the buildings, the basecamp and the surrounding forest. Will share with you and Dato once I receive the final outcome of the meeting between our GM with the top management.

  2. Thanks for giving us who’ve never been to Imbak a taste of its river views. The first photo in particular is really lovely. 🙂

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