So where do you come from?

Here’s a couple of more photos taken on Sebatik Island.

My elder daughter reckons she can’t think of anything that would prompt her to leave a comment on a stranger’s blog. Come to think of it, she won’t even do it on mine.

I guess there must be many of you who share her reluctance, because there’s a heck of a lot of you drop by and never say a word.

So today’s blog is for you, the unknowns. The last 100 visitors here came from 16 different countries:
UK (25)
Australia (24)
US (15)
Malaysia (11)
and also Canada, India, Spain, New Zealand, Philippines, Finland, Hong Kong, Sweden, India, Brazil, Germany and China.


So where do you come from? — 1 Comment

  1. Um, you know where I live – and there’s at least one other person on the rock here who reads your blog regularly.

    But I do like that hut on stilts. :o)

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