Rainforest fantasy

Sometimes my two worlds intersect: fantasy and environmental conservation projects.

Look at these photos – all taken in Tawau Hills Park in Sabah. Fantasy landscape? Or just rainforest wonders?

There were times when I was looking over my shoulder, expecting to see an Ent threading its ponderous way through the trees, or a hobbit pop out of a hole, or an elf slide down the slope of a tree buttress.

Or maybe a gaggle of goblins playing frisbee with bracket fungi…

If you haven’t been in a rainforest, you haven’t seen the true miracle of biodiversity. If you haven’t been in a rainforest, you haven’t seen the wondrous exuberance of nature at the height of its wildest extravagance.

If you haven’t been in a rainforest, perhaps you don’t realise why you should cry for what has already been lost.

If you haven’t been in rainforest, I am sad for you, for you haven’t seen what I have seen, and you haven’t trodden the paths I have taken.

And if you want inspiration, check out a rainforest…


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