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Still catching up here.

I intend to go back through all the recent blog entries and the comments, so watch out for that in the next few days.

I intend to get my blog index nicely up to date so that you find it easy to find ‘stuff’. I intend to answer all those emails languishing in my inbox.
My sister has gone home, you see, and I haven’t got Song of the Shiver Barrens back from the copy editor yet, so I don’t have any more excuses.

So: Glenda is putting her nose to the grindstone (the nose job), her shoulder to the wheel (who knows what that will do for my arthritis), her best foot forward (the one she didn’t wreck paying attention to a waster monitor in the bin); she has her mind on the job, her eyes on the road, her hands on the , um, no, her shoulder’s there already. Wherever – and she is going to get all those irritating little time-consuming tasks done. Once she gets untangled.
In the meantime, some more photos from the joint Sabah Parks – Universti Malaysia Sabah expedition to Tawau Hills Park. These are from the campsite at 700m, halfway up the mountain. And no, I didn’t actually get to the top. I blame my knees, darn ’em.

Photos, in order:
Eating (my sister Margaret and I are in there).
The cooks. I like the t-shirt: we are not tourists. We live here. I wanna get myself one of those…
The dining/working area.
Where we slept.
The bathroom.


Comments, Indexing, Tawau Hills Park Expedition, Sebatik Island trip, catching up… — 4 Comments

  1. Bathroom? Wot, no power-shower? ;oP

    Seriously though … I know there are hot springs by Poring, but how plentiful was the natural water supply where you were? Did you have to carry water supplies with you?

  2. In Tawau Hills Park, at the entrance, there are some chalets and dorms and restaurants and all mod cons – but we went up the mountains. Water was plentiful because they ran plastic piping from streams into camp – but everything else had to be carried up by a cheerful band of porters – who sometimes made the trip twice a day, covering 40 km, leaving the rest of us for dead!

    There we are puffing our way up steep slopes, only to be passed by a couple of guys lugging a generator or gunny sacks of rice to supply the expedition members…

  3. A friend has just recently announced she intends to tackle the Bibbulman Track here in Western Australia. I’m mightily impressed and just wish my body would allow me to do the same. I guess I will have to continue to live vicariously through you other energetic souls.

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