Skiving off

I’ve been back on Tiga Island again. Well, my sister wanted to go, you see, to do a bit of snorkelling. Twasn’t me, really… I mean, I have to work. The final, final, really really final version of Song of the Shiver Barrens is due in on Tuesday absolutely without fail.

So there I was once more, writing under the Barringtonia trees again, lifting my head to see the frigatebirds drifting overhead, or waiting for the sun to set, gin and tonic in hand…

That dark speck in the water there is me taking a sunset swim. Eat your heart out, all you writers who don’t live in Sabah.


Skiving off — 5 Comments

  1. Weeping already- I so miss Malaysia.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your sister. Thinking of you with that final final deadline.

  2. Mmm, sunset swims…. I tend to have midnight swims these days when I finish helping hubby fold newspapers for his delivery run the next day.

    Living in the tropics is the best (except for the Wet season, of course)!

  3. Gorgeous! And go you on the final final final etc. *g*

    Boy, do I know the feeling!

    After Tuesday you won’t know what to do you with yourself!

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