Return to Sandakan

(Expedisi Kulamba, Universiti Malaysia Sabah)

A week ago, we packed everything up and headed back to Sandakan from Kulamba, dreaming of hot showers and a toilet with a seat…

But six hours or more on board a fishing boat can be terrible boring when you’re on your way home. I work as long as the laptop battery lasts. Which is never long enough. Others sleep.

At the police base en route, they fish, so maybe with the lack of pirate attacks, they get bored too. This guy has caught an eel.
And then Sandakan finally appears – and we have to unload the boat. And wait for transport. Lavernita decides the wok is just the place to get comfortable while she guards the bags…


Return to Sandakan — 4 Comments

  1. I wish someone would come up with a low energy consumption laptop for writers, which just does the word-processing bits (without all the other bells and whistles) and runs for a good 24 hours on batteries. Surely there must be a market for that among long-haul travellers.

    That is one large wok. And one cute policeman, heh.

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