The Shadow of Tyr

Thought I would give you all a rest from swampy photos (for a bit) and show this instead. Isn’t it lovely?

The best, most special moment in an author’s life is to hold in their hand the first copy of their latest book. To feel it, smell it and realise that yep, it really does exist and it’s yours. All those sweat and tears paid off.

[And do we then sit down and read it? You’ve got to be kidding. I loathe re-reading a book once it’s published and won’t do it until I really, really have to – like when I have to remind myself what’s inside because I am writing the next book of the trilogy!]

Anyway, here’s the cover of Shadow of Tyr, Australian edition, slated for January publication, but it will probably be in many Oz bookshops by 11th December, and all you have to do is sweet talk your harrassed, pre-Christmas rushed-off-their-feet bookseller into finding the right HarperCollins box in an overflowing store room and opening it for you… Chocolates work wonders, I believe.

Many thanks for the artwork, Shane Parker…

Oh, and need I remind you all to buy books for Christmas presents? For all the kids in your family, all the way up to grandma – fiction especially. If stories in book form are going to remain as part of our culture, people have to keep the industry alive, and it’s the retail sales that do that.


The Shadow of Tyr — 11 Comments

  1. Nice cover, and you must be very proud πŸ˜‰

    And isn’t it funny, I got a preview copy of Hal 3 just 5 days ago and posted a very similar blog to yours (Here)

  2. The same people are still running Freo Arts, so if you want an email addy to say Hi just let me know. Otherwise feel free to let me know your mum’s name and I’ll certainly mention her to them.
    They’re a great bunch, and as I mentioned in my post I really want Hal to do well just so they can benefit. I’d feel great if they could use the cash to publish many more of their traditional books – literature, WA history and so on. A lot of those kind of books aren’t viable for most publishers, but FACP is still (I believe) a non-profit, so they churn the earnings back into more books.

  3. Thank you, both of you.

    Simon, my Mum’s name was Larke too, Jean – but it was quite a while ago now. It’s been ten years since she died at 93…and she certainly wasn’t volunteering in her nineties. Although maybe I should say that I would haven’t been surprised if she had. She was one helluva woman, my Mum. I think she was doing one day a week in their shop, or something like that in her early eighties. sometime.

  4. Booksellers with any sense will already have located the right carton and got your books out on the shelves at the earliest opportunity. :o)

    Nice cover. Is it anything like you visualised the places in the book? ;oP

  5. Yes, it does mirror a section of the book quite accurately – except that I didn’t think of everything as being …so…blue. Lol.
    Acutally, I think it even looks better in person, so to speak, that in reproduction. It is quite stunning. I shall be very interested to see what Orbit does with it in the UK.

  6. Well, whatever they do I can’t but think you’ll be thrilled. I’m over the moon about my UK covers!


    (because blogspot’s being odd and I can’t sign in)

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