When tropical sizing comes in XXL

Things can grow large in the tropics.
Millipedes, for example, longer than my foot.
Or leaves. Yep, that is a single leaf. I always did wonder how one could be modest with a single figleaf. Now I know. You just have to choose the right leaf…


When tropical sizing comes in XXL — 4 Comments

  1. wow ! that was one hell of a fig leaf…
    you got one good collection of pictures.
    and by the way, your last post is repeated.

  2. wow, yeah, now we know…

    Remind me not to write a story about a tropical place until I’ve been to one… my characters are in the mountains right now and the last time I was in mountains was when I’d just turned 12, so I’m probably missing a ton >.

  3. love the millipede and the leaf. i’d wear ’em both.

    i want to be walking in the forest right now and not stuck in kay hell

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