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Just been told that the “in-store” date for The Shadow of Tyr (in Australia) is December 11th. In other words, in theory, you should be able to buy it for Xmas.

Sometimes, though, bookstores get snowed under with new stock at that time of the year, and it may be difficult to get them to open the box in their backroom. (Be kind to your bookseller at Christmas time, ok? Keep your harrassment to a minimum – confine it to my books. ;=). Better still, pre-order.)

And let me take this opportunity to remind you to buy books as presents, to ask for books as presents, to get Father Christmas to give books as presents, to fill your house and everybody else’s house with books, books, books…

And if you need a reason, read the previous post. Fiction makes for balanced, nicely behaved human beings!!


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  1. Which – the ones you are going to buy as presents, or the ones that turn you all into nice human beings?

    Hmmm…Somehow I don’t see my novels making my readers well-behaved, balanced, socially nice human beings…more likely to instigate mayhem – if they take the characters as role models anyway.

  2. Congratulations on breaking in to the Christmas market!

    Yes, booksellers get snowed under at that time of year … in UK, Christmas sales used to represent about a third of their annual business turnover!

    Glenda, your books make readers think, which is admittedly a rather dangerous thing, heheh.

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