What the eye refused to acknowledge

I am constantly amazed at what escapes me when I re-read what I have written, to be picked up by someone else at beta reader level, or copyedit stage (or so I hope).

Here are some great ones from my latest, which had to be pointed out to me:

I wouldn’t be adverse to that solution.’

…and laid a hand around his shoulders.

peels of laughter (great visual image, that one)

the abode buildings (I meant adobe!)

‘Then it would have have made any difference if you had been there.’ (Huh?)

And banged some sense the chaff into your head! (Double huh?)

…born with a withered arm of a clubbed foot

Thanks, Karen, for wading through the dross…


What the eye refused to acknowledge — 3 Comments

  1. What dross???? I’m loving it!!! Where’s the rest, get on with it, woman!

    Seriously, it’s the inevitable byproduct of being too familiar with the work. Your brain automatically filters out that stuff and smooths it into what you mean, not what you say. The brain is a very strange organ … *g*

  2. Re. “have have” — some (most?) word processors look for double words like that in their spellcheck. (Sometimes the option’s not on by default, or it’s part of something else like the scary grammar check feature.)

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