Alien sex

Now that title got you interested, didn’t it? One of my husband’s photos from Kinabalu Park last weekend…. Now I know what keeps him out till all hours of the night when we go to nature parks. Alien sex orgies.

Many thanks to everyone who gave their input about the author photo – you are all wittier than I am! I liked the comment about that skinny green dog of mine, and as Karen (politely) put it – who’d have once thought we’d obsess about such things…there was a time when all we worried about was whether we’d ever manage to get published.

Anyway, photo 2 has gone off to marketing guy, and I am now waiting in trepidation to see if I get a return email gently suggesting that authors with small green dogs was not quite what he had in mind.


Alien sex — 5 Comments

  1. I am nothing if not predictable. I was just surprised no one beat me to it!

    Cheers, Lisa.

    PS If I ever make it, can I borrow that photo…? It’s either that or the one I took of a great white shark about to eat me.

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