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A week or two back we had a discussion about author photos. I voiced my scepticism about any photo of mine selling a book here, and in reply to some comments, gave my opinion about airbrushing Glenda into cinderella-land here, and finally decided I would give you the real article, see here.

And here now is me as I am, this last weekend. In the forest. No make-up. Hair that hasn’t seen a hairdresser in a couple of months. In the clothes I more normally wear (the t-shirt is at least 3 years old) and doing the kind of idiotic thing I like to do, in this case, mucking around with a (live) stick insect my husband wanted to photograph. Click on it to make it a decent size. If you are very, very brave.

You asked for it. At least, some of you did. The others wanted to send me off to the nearest professional photographer to whip twenty years off my age and sixteen layers of wrinkled skin off my face, to make me look like something that wouldn’t scare infants in broad daylight, let alone a dark night.

So, would you buy a book from this person? I want to hear from you!!


Author Photo again — 17 Comments

  1. Someone who plays with stick bugs in the jungle probably writes interesting books, so yeah, I’d buy a book from the stick bug…I mean, from you. 😉

    (But I don’t care what the stick bug, I mean the author, looks like; I care what she or he writes like….)

  2. I LOVE IT! [grin]

    Hell, yeah, I’d buy a book from someone who’s interesting enough to be on speaking terms with stick bugs. They HAVE to have an interesting mind, and interesting minds produce interesting stories.

    I say go for it. It’s different from the usual run-of-thte-mill author pics. It says “I’m different. I’m ME.”

    I think it’s wonderful.

  3. If you have (or can borrow) a laptop, how about a pic of you working away with a rainforest backdrop? A ‘This here’s my office’ statement.
    I think these two pics are interesting, but I don’t think they’re book cover material. People won’t know what you’re holding and may believe you’re casting magic tricks.
    (Then again, what do I know? I refused to have my photo anywhere near my books in case the contents curdled 😉

  4. I’m with Simon. I don’t think either of these do you justice, but some kind of natural background is preferred.

  5. I agree with anghara – and I’ve played with huge stick insects too when they’ve found their way onto our patio.

  6. I agree with everyone :). The pictures aren’t quite formal enough for author photos, but you in that setting and enjoying life is way more interesting than the first set of photos. The thing I care about most is you smiling, because you have such a gorgeous smile, though, so if the stick insect raises the smile then use the stick insect picture.

  7. Actually, I don’t think they are looking for a book cover photo. At least, I sincerely hope not! This is just for publicity stuff. The publisher does sometimes put photos up on their website.

    Do me justice, Karen??? The only justice at my age is that all those lines and wrinkles say you have lived a life…for quite a long time.

    Gillian – why would author photos have to be formal? Actually I found one by accident yesterday, where the author on the back flap is seen eating a slice of pizza, with the string of melted cheese connecting plate and pizza – and the book is about stick insects.

  8. The second photo is particularly nice. If you’ve decided that a formal photo is not the go, then this is a good alternative.

  9. I have to disagree with one of your statements, Glenda. All those lines and wrinkles show you have “lived” a life where you haven’t been afraid to laugh and cry and do all the things that make you an interesting person. Specifically, one who tells interesting tales.

    My only photo suggestion is to not follow the example of the author shot in Starship Titanic. *winks*

  10. Really like them both, though the second one is my favourite.
    Only problem is that you seem to be squinting a little – but they are nice!

  11. I think the second one it a good publicity photo (not so much a book jacket photo, which tend go for a more traditional composition).

  12. They’re great photos! I like both of them, and not just because the stick insect is cute. You look a lot more relaxed.

  13. I think both of the ala natural ones inyour old T are good. But you should get your dog checked out it looks a bit thin, and green!

  14. The photo is really vibrant, so long as you can see the stick insect. I agree with what the others said; the natural setting works well 🙂

  15. Firstly, I already have bought a book from this person, and more than once … *g*

    Secondly, I think you look particularly youthful and vibrant, Glenda, with a freshness that belies your years upon the planet. You are young at heart and that shows in your face.

    Thirdly, no-one ever mentioned this kind of angst when we were dreaming outloud about being published!

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