Our weekend in the mountains…

The hotel was at 1,550m; nights are cool or even downright cold. Our room cost 50 Malaysian ringgit for one night. That’s about USD 18.00.

There were candles on the table – electricity only ran from dusk to midnight, it seems. No hot water in the bathroom, but never mind, there was an electric kettle. Just remember not to leave your bath till morning.

We turned on the lights come sunset – didn’t work. Went downstairs (no phone – you didn’t think there would be, did you?) and told the manager. He came up, stood on the bed, and gave the fluorescent bulb a twist. Let there be light…but not in the bathroom. The bulb there didn’t work at all and they didn’t have another.

Still, with a view like that out of the window, who cares?

And here’s a lantern bug that came visiting. That strange black thing on the head is just ornamention. The poor thing could no longer fly because of a huge fungal growth on its abdomen.

That’s life in a plant eat bug world…

It was a good weekend.


Our weekend in the mountains… — 3 Comments

  1. Beautiful! You’re right, with a view like that I wouldn’t care about the rest either. BTW that’s one strange looking bug…but very cool, I never saw one like that before.

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