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The Adelaide Advertiser had a review of Heart of the Mirage the other day, written by Scott Moore, which included the following:

“This skilfully written work may be fantasy, but the issues at its heart – political expediency, cultural imperialism and intolerance – are shamefully real.”

And it ends:

“Bring on part two.”

Nice one. I am very pleased with the reviews of the book so far, and with the feedback from readers, too. It seems to be a story that resonates with those that read it – and what more can an author ask for than that?


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  1. I love “Heart of the Mirage”. I can’t tell you how much I love it. I finished it in one sitting last night. And I have 2 exams today. Imagine that! I can’t wait until the 2nd book!

  2. Why, thank you, 3vil g3nius. Now I am feeling guilty wondering if that will affect your results…I hope not!

    The Shadow of Tyr is out early January. No exams then, I imagine.

  3. I also thoroughly enjoyed Heart of the Mirage. I reviewed it for Wolf Moon Press, a literary journal here in Maine, where it is slotted for the Sept-Oct. issue. You build worlds as well as anyone writing fantasy today, simple as that. My copy is now part of the statewide library system here in Maine, and I had the privilege (librarians get off on strange stuff) of creating the first bibliographic record in the U.S. for the book. Let us hope many, many other copies find their way into U.S. libraries when it becomes available here.

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