Music Matters…

My daughter was in hospital four days, so this unashamed plug is to cheer her up – all you peoples downunder have to go an buy her band’s EP CD “If Gold were Silver…” from F.O.Machete (distributed by Shellshock)

And listen to her live interview on Sydney’s FBi Radio 94.5 FM at 8.50 am on Monday. One assumes they will also be playing the music.

Photos by Simon Clark , international award-winning documentary and advertising photographer. Click to enlarge.

(Devious Mum here has another motive, btw; if daughter gets her career going downunder with the same kind of success she now has in Scotland and the rest of the UK, she will return home to Oz which is closer – and cheaper to get to – for me!! Besides, I need another excuse to get to all those sff cons and intereting stuff you have down there…)
So go out there and buy her music everyone!

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