Should be available off the shelf at specialty bookstores —
like Stefan’s Books, or White Dwarf in Perth. Galaxy in Sydney.

For other bookstores, you may have to order them in. Just go up to the counter with the name of the book and if you’re really on the ball, the Australian ISBN.

THE AWARE       9780732276508
GILFEATHER     9780732276515
THE TAINTED    9780732276522

THE HEART OF THE MIRAGE        9780732281984
THE SHADOW OF TYR                     9780732281991

THE LAST STORMLORD     9780732289294
STORMLORD RISING          9780732289300
STORMLORD’S EXILE         9780732289317

All the above books are also now print on demand from 
Harper Collins Voyager.
The stand-alone fantasy novel
published by Triconderoga publications and can be bought online as a hardback or paperback — try indiebooksonline

My last trilogy, THE FORSAKEN LANDS is published in Australia and worldwide by Hachette ORBIT, and if you can’t find it on the shelves in your local bookstore, ask them to get it in for you. (The Lascar’s Dagger, Dagger’s Path and The Fall of the Dagger.)


Available online with the exception of
This is about to change (in August)
Watch this space.


The Mirage Makers trilogy, the The Stormlord (Watergivers) trilogy and the The Forsaken Lands trilogy are all published by Orbit and can be requested through your local book store if you can’t find them on the shelves.

The Isles of Glory trilogy is much harder to find. You could order it through an Australian bookstore.

Havenstar and The Isles of Glory trilogy 
will become available as ebooks again in August. 
Watch this space.



In this case, the Tin Duck is actually a very elegant swan.

And for those who don’t know, the Tin Duck is the colloquial name for the Western Australian award given to the Best Long Work (i.e. book) of the year in the field of speculative fiction, in this case that was published in 2016.

My thanks to everyone — it is truly an honour to receive an award because people cared enough to vote for the book!

The prize-winning book in question?  

Hey, this is me!!


Welcoming the hosts of the Aurealis Awards ceremony!

We’re very pleased to announce that the 2016 Aurealis Awards
ceremony taking place in Perth this Friday night will be hosted by the
wonderful team of much feted WA local author Glenda Larke and debut novelist (yes, really!) and East Coast ring-in Cat Sparks!

Glenda Larke was the winner of the inaugural Sara Douglass Series Award last year for her Watergivers series, and is a multi-awards nominated
author for her books, the most recent of these being the final book of
the Forsaken Lands trilogy. Cat Sparks has earned awards over the years
for her artwork, editing, publishing and short story writing, and her
debut novel, Lotus Blue, has just been released to the world.

Join us at the Aurealis Awards ceremony this Friday night to see this dynamic duo in action!

WHEN: 7.45pm for 8pm start, Friday 14 April, 2017

WHERE: Metro Hotel Perth, 61 Canning Highway, South Perth, WA, 6151

More Details here:


THE FALL OF THE DAGGER Shortlisted Again…


last book of The Forsaken Lands Trilogy…

               Shortlisted for…

Best Australian Fantasy Novel, (Aurealis Awards 2016). A judged award.

Best Long Work of Western Australian SF, 
(Tin Duck Awards 2016). A voted award.

Winners announced over Easter weekend.


Very, very chuffed to have my latest novel (The Fall of the Dagger)
short-listed for the Aurealis Awards  (Best Fantasy Novel).

That means that every time I have
had a book eligible, I’ve had a short-listing… 10 times it must
be now? 

I love the way the SF community in Australia does so much for
authors, volunteering their time and effort — and perhaps money in lost earnings — just to say, “We love that you folk write, and we love what you write, and we’ll take the time to show you…”

 Many, many thanks to everyone. 

And yes, like every book of the The Stormlord Trilogy which ultimately won the Sara Douglass Series Award, all three of the FORSAKEN LANDS trilogy have been shortlisted for the Aurealis.

Have YOU read it yet?

Congratulations to all the
short-listed authors. And to readers: choose any of them to entertain you. They are all talented Australians.


Please note that I have deleted my two Facebook accounts. One, under the name GLENDA LARKE was my public author account, the other, under my real name was private, open — I thought — only to friends invited to ‘friend’ me.

For a number of years, this worked. 

Then all of a sudden I noticed that the name on my private account had been changed to GLENDA LARKE without my permission. Worse still, they had changed the privacy rating from ‘friends only’ to public. Also without permission. My private life was now open to all the world. Not that I actually I posted much up there that was private, but still. 

I changed the privacy settings back again, changed the name back… And lo and behold, they reverted to what they thought it should be: Glenda Larke, public. This happened 3 times. I complained. Nobody bothered to answer. I attempted to delete my public page and leave the private one, but no, they have deleted them both.

So I am not longer on Facebook. (At least, I think so — I can’t look in order to check!)

I shall in time put up another author page, but I doubt that I will ever again post anything remotely private. This as far as I am concerned this was a betrayal of trust.



I regret to say that “The Isles of Glory” trilogy (The Aware, Gilfeather and The Tainted)
 is at the moment not available as eBooks. 
Havenstar is no longer available on Amazon as an eBook, but can be bought through many other eBook outlets.
I am working at the moment to find another eBook publisher for them all, on a more permanent basis.
Why don’t I do it myself?
Basically because I am a writer, not a publisher, and I no longer have the inclination or the time to mess around with the production issues, financial issues, etc.


For overseas readers who may not know, Ms Hanson leads an Australian political party called One Nation and she now sits in the Australian Senate. It’s a bit of a cheeky name for her party for, as far as I can see, it serves to divide rather than unite the country. 

In her inaugural speech to the senate here are a few of the sillier things she said:
“We are in danger of being swamped by Muslims who bear a culture and ideology that is incompatible with our own.” 
(My comment: With your own, perhaps, but most of us aren‘t nearly as rigid in our thinking.)

“indiscriminate immigration and aggressive multiculturalism” have “caused crime to escalate and social cohesion to decline”  
(My comment: Really? I’ve never seen any figures to back that up. And who says immigration has been ‘indiscriminate’ and multiculturalism has been ‘aggressive’?)

“Australia had a national identity before Federation, and it had nothing
to do with diversity and everything to do with belonging. ” (My comment: I think you need to talk to Aboriginals about the latter part of that statement.)

“Muslims want to see sharia law introduced in Australia”
(My comment: see below.)

And here is what I have to say: 

Dear Ms Hanson,

I am a 71 year-old-Australian, born and bred, but who lived most of my adult life in two Muslim countries. In fact I married a Muslim and we are about to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary here where we now live, in Western Australia. Yeah, my husband is one of those dreaded Muslim immigrants. And you know what? I don’t wear a burqa. Or a niqab. Or a hijab. Or a chador. Or even a head scarf. (Oh, although sometimes in the cold weather I do wear a furry hat and a woollen wrap that resembles an abaya... )

The trouble with your inaugural speech is that so much of it is inaccurate or downright rubbish. 

Let me take this blithe, all-encompassing statement as just one example of your complete inanity: “Muslims want to see sharia law introduced to Australia.”

When I read that, I turned to my Muslim husband and asked: “Do you personally know anyone at all, here or abroad, who wants sharia law?” He thought for a while, then said, “No, I don’t think I do.” 

But according to you, Ms Hanson, this is what Muslims want? Really? Wow. I personally don’t know anyone who wants sharia law either. And yet my husband and I have lived for 40 years along Muslims in Asia and North Africa. Where on earth have you been that you can say that Muslims want to have sharia law imposed anywhere, let alone in Australia?? These Muslims can’t possibly be very numerous if other Muslims never meet them!

My husband Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., scientist, recipient of an honorary degree from the University of Western Australia and their Distinguished Alumni Award (and another two honorary degrees from universities in other countries), once a Deputy-Director General of a U.N. agency working for the peaceful uses of scientific knowledge, known for his work to raise the standard of education in developing nations This fine Muslim moved to Australia with me a few years back. (Oh, and sorry to disappoint you, but he’s only ever had one wife — and I think his two daughters are fairly liberated females with their advanced degrees from universities like Oxford, Glasgow and Cornell.)

So, much of what you said in your speech were lies, or distortions, designed to strike fear into people. Unfortunately, this kind of manipulation worked and some 5% of voters, prior to the election, listened. (95% knew better and realised that taking anecdotes and turning them into “facts” is the mark of the uninformed.)

My personal opinion? My Muslim husband is a finer resident of this country than you are a citizen of it.



When it comes to the Supanova Pop Expo and Comicon, I am an unabashed fan.

Sci Fi and Fantasy, costumes, gaming and geeks — who can resist. And it’s great to see the creators, the actors, the filmmakers, the writers, the directors all celebrated by the public.

And I will be there, this weekend, seated behind a table with a lot of other writers… I’ll be giving out vouchers for free eBook.

Come chat! Bring your books for signing! Show us your cosplay outfit if you have one!

See you there….


As a country grapples with the idiocy that enables the mentally ill and/or the terrorist easy access to weapons designed for killing as many people as possible in war-time, and that country contemplates — yet again — the horror of civilian deaths at home as a consequence, this time in an Orlando gay nightclub, I’m putting up this post. 
It won’t help the dead or the grieving, but I’m going to do it nonetheless, for all my LBGTI friends. Rainbows are beautiful.

 We were travelling south along the country highway between Busseltown and Pemberton last month and and a soft spring shower was misting down. As a consequence, we had 200 kilometres of incredible rainbows, nonstop. There were even rainbows in the air along the road verges where cars had sprayed up water. Everywhere we looked, rainbows…

And this one is a rainbow seen from our loungeroom window.