Yes, I am attending the World Science Fiction Convention which was to be in Wellington New Zealand, but which has gone online for obvious reasons.

I have 3 items on the programme: 
a Reading, a Panel and a Kaffeklatch.
If you are also attending, 
you will find me at these times for the above events:

Event description:  
   I shall be reading the first chapter of my new (as yet unpublished) book, 
Date: Wednesday, 29 July
Time: 16:30-16:55, Please remember this is the time in NZ.
Place: Reading Room 2 (Programming)



Event description: 
Nevertheless, She Persisted: 
    The Explosion of the Heroine in the past 50 Years 
    Protaganists in SF and fantasy used to be primary male. Heinlein’s
juveniles, for example, although featuring a strong female secondary
character, had male leads. This began to change in the late
1960s, with books like Rite of Passage, and now non-male protagonists
are common. 

    The panel looks at the trend, discusses its implications,
and talks about some of their favorites. 

    Catherine Lundoff  (Moderator), Maiya Ibrahim, Lee Murray , Glenda Larke
Date: Thursday, 30 July

Time: 15:00 – 15:50,  Please remember this is the time in NZ.
Place: Programme Room 3 (Webinar)


Event description:
  A video chat with other fans and me (maximum 9 pax — could be just you if no one else turns up!) Ask me anything you like.
Date: Friday, 31st July

Time: 13:00 – 13:50,  Please remember this is the time in NZ.

Place:  Kaffeklatch and Literary Beer Room (Programming)


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