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  1. Hallo Glenda: I don’t know if you remember us (Ann & Merv from the UK) but we met at Danum Valley in 2010. I can’t forget our rather bizarre meal set out as if we were in a dining room, eaten down by the river!

    I recently came across a couple of your books in our local library and have now read the Stormlord trilogy which I really enjoyed, as I have always shunned fantasy novels. I will certainly be reading more.



    • Hi Ann and Merv — ah, yes, I remember that meal! Lovely day that…

      Glad you found my books and enjoyed them. Sorry I missed this comment — I had a problem with notification from this blog (my fault entirely).

  2. Hi Glenda,

    I just finished the Stormlord trilogy and enjoyed it very much. i am feeling like it’s not finished though.
    Do you have plans for writing more and letting us know what happens when Kendri grows up? Do Terelle and Japser have kids? So many questions and nothing to look forward too.


      • The ending felt rather open. All the quarters were split. Perhaps a series involving the cast and their children in 15-20 years?

        I loved those books so much, and I’m really looking forward to reading some more of your work. 🙂

  3. Just ordered your newest novel from B and N here in the States. The whole thing with Amazon is just so maddening, but I try to buy from other sellers whenever I can anyway. Hope it ends soon and it doesn’t hurt you and the other excellent SFF authors at Orbit too badly.

    • Thanks, Erica.

      Horribly annoying!

      I think it hit at a very bad time for me as it coincided with the publication of the first book of the Forsaken Lands trilogy. Couldn’t have come at a worse time…

  4. On “Every ewly Published Author should read this.”

    Comment on Book Reviews Blogs or Pro.

    I treat book reviews and blogger comments in the same way as film reviews. Until you know if the writer’s taste is the same as mine, their opinion is not much help.

    I found that I loathed films given top marks by certain people and that ones they canned were most enjoyable.

    • That’s absolutely true, Brenda — the best way to benefit from reviews is to find a reviewer with a similar taste. I really reviewers who say things like, if you like author X, (or book X) then you’ll like this book by author Y.

  5. Hi Ann and Merv — ah, yes, I remember that meal! Lovely day that…

    Glad you found my books and enjoyed them. Sorry I missed this comment — I had a problem with notification from this blog (my fault entirely).

  6. Hello!
    I’m french, I love love love “The mirage makers”.
    I’ve read the first book: “au coeur du mirage”, it was realy amazing and wonderfull!

    But it’s actualy realy IMPOSSIBLE to find the second one: “l’ombre de Tyr”.

    Anyone can’t help me….PLEASE!!!


    • Oh, Magaly, I wish I could help you.
      Unfortunately, the French publisher stopped publishing me. I guess sales weren’t good enough. So, unless you can read them in English or German, you won’t find the next two books in the series anywhere in French — they weren’t published in French.

      I am SO sorry. It is unfair.


      • Dear Glenda,
        I have the same problem for years.. Searching for a lost book of « l’ombre de tyr » in french!
        Don’t you have / or are you going to have an e-book format of this book?

        I really loved the first one and the trilogy les îles glorieuses. You built an interesting universe, magic ? I hope your others book are going to be translate in french…or i will have quickly to learn english better ?



  7. Hi Glenda,

    I have been enthralled by “The Lascar’s Dagger” for several hours today and I wanted to thank and congratulate you on writing such a great book. The characters, the world, Va-Faith, and all the treachery so far is fantastically crafted – I can’t wait to finish and start the sequel (^.^)

    I am also absolutely fascinated by your writing style. Though I am not a massive book-worm, it feels very refreshing, unique and makes me thirst for more!

    Love your work,

    Charlie 😀

  8. Hi Glenda,

    I have loved reading all of your books so far.
    They have turned me on to some other fantastic Australian writers.

    Will the Mirage Makers series ever be available in digital versions in the US?
    I am guessing it is a publisher issue.

    Thank you for all of the great books.

  9. Hi John.

    Glad you enjoy my work!

    According to my records, the Mirage Makers is already available digitally in the US. (It’s hard for me to check how it well this works, because if I go to legitimate US sites ebook sites, they exclude the ebook alternative because I live in Australia).

    Orbit has the US ebook rights, and on my royalties statements they specify “export” ebook sales, which I assume is mostly the US market.

    When I go to my Amazon author page, there is a listing for ebook sales.

    Where have you tried?

    Cheers, Glenda

  10. Hello Glenda.

    Strange not to see your name on the Perth Writers Festival list of authors?? I’m sure that you’ve have fans here….

  11. Greetings from Canada!! I love your books, I’ve read and re-read them a hundred times. Wondering when we’ll see more of the Havenstar series.
    Thanks and have a fabulous day!!!

    • Hi Tiara!
      Sorry for a late reply.

      I did start another standalone in the Havenstar world, but my publisher wasn’t interested. However, yes, I’m still thinking about it. At the moment I am writing another standalone in a quite different world.


    • That’s a question for my publisher. I don’t have any control over that, unfortunately, and it looks as if they won’t do it. Not enough sales of the audio of “The Lascar’s Dagger”, sadly.


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