I regret to say that “The Isles of Glory” trilogy (The Aware, Gilfeather and The Tainted)
 is at the moment not available as eBooks. 
Havenstar is no longer available on Amazon as an eBook, but can be bought through many other eBook outlets.
I am working at the moment to find another eBook publisher for them all, on a more permanent basis.
Why don’t I do it myself?
Basically because I am a writer, not a publisher, and I no longer have the inclination or the time to mess around with the production issues, financial issues, etc.



  1. Heya, I just found your books and i am totally in LOVE with them. Keep up the excellent writing!
    I work in IT, i would suggest submitting the books to smashwords who take care of all the other things, submitting ebook to all the places at once (iBooks, kobos, and amazons etc)

  2. Thanks, Liz!

    They will be up on multiple on platforms soon, I promise. I just have to get my act together… Trouble is, the more time a writer spends selling books means less time writing (which is MUCH more fun!)

  3. I love your "Isles of Glory" trilogy and with very much that you would write a sequel trilogy. I have reread these three book several times. Thank you

  4. I just read the First Isles of Glory novel and even though I try to stay away from binge reading, just wanted to dive straight into the second one, as an eBook. I've found it in German! Available in Amazon Australia. Whew! Just trying to decide whether to struggle through it in German. (I did understand the 'taster' reasonably well. Thanks to my long-ago beloved German teacher.)

    But I think I'd better be strong and wait to buy a hard-copy, lol.

  5. The eBooks are going to be republished again soon, or so I have heard from the publishing group I am currently in negotiation with… But as I have not yet signed contract with them, I can't say when.

    I am so glad you enjoyed The Aware!

  6. Hi there, I would love to read The Isle Of Glory trilogy as it was recommended to me but I am unable to locate anywhere online or in a book store in New Zealand to purchase them. Are you able to point me in the right direction? I am really looking forward to reading them.

  7. Hi anonymous. I have had to take them down from ebook sale because I have been negotiating with SF Gateway in the UK (Orion Publishing group).

    I have signed a contract with them to publish the 3 books of the Isles of Glory, plus Havenstar, digitally. Exactly when they go up, I don't know!

    For paper versions, Voyager (Harper Collins Australia) has the rights to publish the trilogy in NZ. However, they appear to be letting them go out of print. The best I can suggest is to look in speciality book stores, or to try to order copies through any bookstore. If you can't get any ordered that way, please let me know. ( If they are not available that way, I can get the rights back and get them republished elsewhere.

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