Looking back at Spring in Western Australia

We are in Summer now. Warm days of endless sun…
As those of you know me well, or who have been reading this blog over the years will realise — I have loved the tropical rainforest. Its grandeur, its wild exuberance, its overstated, overpowering, magnificent fecundity. I’ve tramped and camped in places that appear so wild and lonely you can imagine yourself to be the only human being ever to have come that way (you’d probably be wrong, of course, but that’s the way it feels.)

But one thing it hasn’t got much of, at least not noticeably, are the flowering plants like these (although a single tropical forest tree may have — quite literally — millions of individual blooms…). To find wild flowers in adundance you must come to Australia, specifically Western Australia. No other place has so many varieties in such a small area — an abundance of epidemics that is staggering. And in Spring, well, everywhere you look.

Like the following:

Eucalyptus woody fruits: we used to call then honky or gum nuts


Banksia tree with 3 stages of flower/seed

Wax matches
Mixed wild flowers in King’s Park
Kangaroo Paws and Leschenualtia
Eggs and Bacon


Looking back at Spring in Western Australia — 1 Comment

  1. Lovely. Lucky you going into summer. We, of course, are going into winter. Had two snowfalls in the last few days. Not lasted long but it did lie on the ground for a while.

    Pictures of flowers were lovely too.

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