The magic house…

The block next door yesterday
The block next door today

And this is how they do it.
They start with a very large crane 
and  those dangly bits form a sling around the house… 

This is a crane in the next street, as seen from my house.

And they pick the house up from the back of a truck in the sling (the house is that blue bit you can just see) and…

… they put it down where they want it on the block…


The magic house… — 4 Comments

  1. Amazing! But I expect that's just the first step. How long does it take them to to connect water and power, set up the garden and detail the interiors, I wonder?

  2. The one down the street had the owner living in it one month after it was delivered.

    The cupboards and bathroom fittings are already inside when it is delivered.

    Even more amazing, once you buy the house, it can be as little as 6 weeks to delivery on site…so 10 weeks altogether.

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