Spring in winter

 One thing I love about this part of Australia is that winter is not terribly wintery. Flowers bloom, birds nest, and I do without double glazing and any heating whatsoever. Oh, ok, I do sling a hot water bottle into the bed.

Friend Donna and I walk to the beach and then go for coffee & cake
The cormorants decorate the trees along the estuary
Wild flowers bloom
Even the butcherbird looks benign (he’s not)

Pea flowers come in all colours

Sunsets are spectacular and so are the rainbows
Winter storms dump seaweed along the estuary foreshore
The blooms are saturated with perfumes
The bees are out in force


Oh, the perfume!
The male sheoak tree, covered in its brown flowers

The sheoak was buzzing so loudly as I walked by. The bees were so well camouflaged that they were invisible, so it sounded as the tree were singing…


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  1. That piece of wood with the butcher bird looked like a female figure at first. Lovely pictures as usual, I would like a winter like that.

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