It’s a quirky world…

Check out the comments on the previous post for some insights into Malaysian (and other) prejudices.

Over on Pub Rants, the agent Kristin has some interesting stuff to say about covers and how they are chosen. If you are interested in the difference between Australian and US and Russian covers for the same one of my books, look here and here.

I think the most peculiar thing that came out of what Kristin was saying is that the marketing people don’t seem to care that they might be misrepresenting the product (which would, one would think, lead to a dissatisfied customer who is not going to come back to that author again). All they want to do is sell the book. That seems short-sighted. I’d love to know what readers think.

Originally posted in Glenda’s blog on Friday, 2 June 2006 (6 Comments).

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