For readers out there…

…Especially for the folk who have been complaining that the Isles of Glory is not, and never has been, available in Britain: there’s good news. 

It’s available now.

Set in an archipelago of sub-tropical islands with a history of magic, the trilogy tells the story of several ordinary people who end up as larger-than-life heroes. 

A conflicted priest, a citizenless swordswoman, a doctor with an extraordinary sense of smell, a runaway royal heiress, and a bore-wave rider are brought together by fate and accident, but end up challenging rigid citizenship laws, undermining corrupt and powerful rulers, fighting the horror of perverted sorcery — and, yes, sometimes paying a hero’s price. In between the adventure, the trilogy is also rollicking good fun…

I wrote The Aware back in 1990. It was the book that led to my obtaining an agent, the same agent I still have. It was not my first published book – that honour went to Havenstar.

The Aware evolved from the 1990 version to become the first book of a trilogy, The Isles of Glory. It was first published in 2003 in Australia and New Zealand where it was hugely successful, and a little later in the USA with Ace (Penguin). But alas, never in UK.

 Until now.

Now, thanks to FableCroft Books, it is available — worldwide — as an ebook.

It can be found at Wizard Tower Books (clicking on the button on the left sidebar will take you there). 

Note: all maps for the trilogy can be found at my website here

Book 2 Gilfeather should be out next month, and Book 3 The Tainted in October.   
The Aware can also already be found at and and
Weightless Books
It should also turn up at Kobo soon.


For readers out there… — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for the info Glenda and have already been over to and bought the first of your trilogy to be published in Britain.

  2. Yay for e-books! All those treasures that we wish we still had can be made available again. I'm sure the triloy will garner many new readers as well as being revisited by old fans.

  3. My second try at posting this so pardon if there are two messages on the same topic! I just want to say how wonderful ebooks are because it's so easy to make old favourites available again. I'm sure the trilogy will garner many new readers as well as being revisited by old fans!

  4. I hope you enjoy it, Leila!

    Satima – it certainly makes reading easy when travelling, and hunting down out of print books can be fruitful…but I don't think ebooks will ever wean me away from the paper kind.

  5. I must have missed this post for some reason. I too think its wonderful these are being published as ebooks. I am almost 100% into them these days although I still have my original paper books of many novels. I love my Kindle and find it so convenient. Mind you if a book tells a good story I don't care what format it is in.

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