Author Trepidation

The rain is bucketing down – lightning tripped the circuit-breaker an hour ago in the middle of the storm – but the bucket in my dining room has remained dry. This, after 3 visits from the roof guy who muttered all the while about people who ought to know when they have to shell out for a new roof. I don’t think he believed me, especially as we were only talking about half the roof, when I said we can’t afford it yet a while.

kinabaluSo the lack of a leak was a plus. Second plus, it seems we may have found a small apartment in Kota Kinabalu – with, would you believe a view of Mount Kinabalu, surely one of the world’s most spectacular and memorable mountains, rising as it does – like Kilimanjaro – so far about its immediate surroundings. 4095 m, 13,435 ft.

Even so, today I am a firewalker on hot coals…can’t stay still. My latest baby is out there in the world, on its own for the first time, and no one has yet told me how lovely it is. Or how puking awful. Or anything.

I wanna be a playwright. They don’t have to wait days or weeks to find out what everyone thinks of their offspring.

And, there is absolutely no connection between all that and the fact that a category four cyclone (hurricane), Cyclone Glenda, is on the rampage in Australia, heading into my home state.

Originally posted in Glenda’s blog on Thursday, 30 March 2006 (11 Comments).

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