Shark Bay…

Oddly enough, Shark Bay is better known for its dolphins than its sharks. This is the place where folk on boats used to feed the dolphins with fish when they came around their vessels, and this has developed into a managed tourism industry — managed to make sure that the animals are fed properly and not too much.

Birdwatching…Pied Cormorants

Years ago, I came here with my mother and kids, and — we fed the dolphins, standing waist deep in the waer with these gorgeous creatures swimming up to us to take the fish from our hands. We didn’t do that this time; instead we went for a long walk.

Denham rubbish bins
Our camp in the caravan park, Denham

Track near Monkey Mia
Cave near Monkey Mia
The red country…
Beach, Monkey Mia
Weird wave and water patterns, plus footprints (human and bird)
…and camels…
…and kids playing
Another beach. There’s a lot of them…
Denham sunset

…and here is my piece de resistance:

I saw it!!!!!!!!!
Saw it right in front of the bird hide, i.e., we were outside the hide…


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  1. Great pictures, what a delightful area. Beaches look gorgeous. Glad you got to see the wren. Always great to see something rare.

    That trailer (caravan) is like one we rented when we first came to Canada.

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