Inspiration from Havenstar

 Sometimes lovely things happen to writers, and this is one of them: when you find out that what you have written has inspired the creation of another art form.

Some of you may remember Havenstar, and the tainting that occurred to some of the people of that land when they crossed the areas of instability. 

Anastasiya Honchar, a Costume Design student, read and enjoyed Havenstar as a child. For a Foundation project, she designed the costume of a woman in Havenstar who “struggled through a doorway sideways because her skirts were too wide
to enter any other way

Anastasiya says the reason she chose such an obscure character is “because I wanted
to use my own imagination in terms of looks and personality, basing on
your description of the world. I imagined she would be quite extravagant
and ostentatious (hence the wide skirts). I thought that she could be
tainted as a peacock, which would suit her personality

This artwork is the result. You can see more of Anastasiya’s work here.

Thank you, Anastasiya. I think it’s lovely, and holds true to the spirit of the book.



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