Aurealis Awards and the Quenda

So I am rather behind in blog posts and news, and most of you who follow me on Twitter @glendalarke or on Facebook will know all this stuff already:

Stormlord’s Exile, the final book in the trilogy, was shortlisted for the Best Australian Fantasy Novel of 2011 — and it didn’t win. Which is not exactly a surprise. After all, it’s the seventh time I haven’t won with a shortlisted novel! Aussie authors are a talented bunch, and the competition is stiff. So hurrah for Pamela Freeman’s book Ember & Ash which did win, and if you haven’t read it, go do so.

The results for all the Aurealis categories are here.
I had a lovely evening in Perth as the awards were being presented in Sydney, thanks to a friend, Helen M., who said I should have someone to celebrate with. Well, the celebration didn’t happen, but so what — we (six of us) drank the champagne anyway! Good company of like-minded people, tasty snacks and great conversation. What more could you ask?

Well…I guess a quenda.

Quenda: Southern Brown Bandicoot

It came onto the back porch and started in on Helen’s cat’s food…so I took a photo.

You can see a fact sheet about the quenda here.


Aurealis Awards and the Quenda — 1 Comment

  1. I am so sorry you didn't win once again. Denise explained to me how the voting process works and I suppose it is all subjective. Wish I'd been there to drink champagne with you.

    How great seeing the quenda. Sounds as though its quite rare.

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