Writing with monkeys, cats and guava bombing

So I’m trying to work in my den, and in walks a neighbour’s cat. I shoo it out.
And some time later in walks another cat. I shoo that one out.
And then I become aware of mysterious noises. Soft thuds and rattles. So I think: cat.
Every time I leave my den to investigate I can’t see anything. Until, eventually, I realise the garden is being bombed … by honey guavas, hundreds of them, falling from the sky, rattling through the leaves and thudding to the ground like pink grenades:

And as you see, some of them are half eaten. Definitely not cats to blame, then.

And here is one of the culprits: a long-tailed macaque. There were two of them, one with a very young  baby. And the rain of guavas continued until they spotted me and my camera. Oh, and they were aided and abetted in their theft by a grey-bellied squirrel…

OK, back to work.


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