2011 in retrospect and what’s on the plate for 2012

In some ways, 2011 was an important year. 
Here are some of the things that happened, in no particular order of importance:
  • Stormlord’s Exile was proofed and published in US, UK and Australia. It received excellent reviews from bloggers, Publishers Weekly and Romantic Times etc etc. and so another trilogy came to an end. Sales in Australia have not been good, but wonderful elsewhere! Talk about irony…
  • Der Heiler (i.e. Gilfeather) came out in Germany
  • Guerisseur (Gilfeather mass paperback) came out in France
  • Corrumpue (The Tainted mass paperback) came out in France
  • I wrote a whole book, called The Lascar’s Dagger*

  •  I travelled to Cambodia (Siem Reap and Angkor Wat with my elder daughter and family, and my sister — also met up with my nephew there), and twice to Thailand (Krabi and Pattaya)
  • I travelled within Malaysia to Langkawi Islands, Penang, twice to Perlis State Park
  • I went twice to Western Australia to settle on a place for our retirement (which will happen one day), and we put a deposit on a patch of land in Mandurah
  • I had a book Stormlord Rising shortlisted for two awards (Aurealis and Ditmars). (As usual, it didn’t win.)
  • Much to my genuine astonishment, I had a trilogy (the Mirage Makers) voted as the second most popular completed Australian sf/f trilogy (after Sean Williams’ The Books of the Cataclysm)
  • I went to yet another fabulous Swancon. I look forward to going every year soon!!
  • The birding tourism project was completed. This year included writing the final report, giving some birding courses to guides and stakeholders in Fraser’s Hill and Lake Temenggor, and taking part in presentations of the material and in a seminar. In fact, this was probably my retirement year, as far as a “normal” working life is concerned … although one never knows. I haven’t ruled more work out, but there’s none in the offing. Which is pretty damned big, come to think of it. I have not always worked full-time, but I don’t think there’s been a year since … um… 1959 that I haven’t worked at all. Wow, 2012 could be my first year of unemployment (if you don’t count writing of course…).
And of course, every year has its  downside stuff:
  • I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • I was unable to sell the present work in progress on the basis of a proposal (sign of the times? I’m not the only established author to come across this one of late!)

What’s up for next year?
 Who knows?
Here are some things on the cards that might happen, all being well:
  • Due out: Die Magieren in mid-January (The Tainted in German)
  • Due out: L’Ombre de Tyr in February(?) (Shadow of Tyr in French)
  • Sell the new trilogy Sorcery and Spice*
  • Re-publish Havenstar
  • Start building the house in Mandurah and sell the present house in Malaysia
  • Have both daughters visit us in Malaysia
  • Take a road trip to the Murchison/Gascoigne with husband and sister
In the meantime: Happy New Year!!
*Working titles


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  1. If you, as the author, are impressed, I would think the rest of us will be bowled over. Authors seem to think less of their work than we do.

  2. Happy New Year Glenda. Hadn't heard of Sjogren's Syndrome till you mentioned it then discovered that a lady who runs the nursery in own has it as well.

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