SF Worldcon in Reno

…will be on 17th-21st August, just  couple of more days. I wish I could be there, but I couldn’t afford it. Instead I sent a bit of myself.

Last year, the con was in Melbourne and I did go. And during the course of the con I won a book in the Brotherhood Without Banners Charity Raffle.

Don’t know who the Brotherhood are? Well, I can tell you they run GREAT con parties, but they are a lot more than that.  This is a brief descrition from their website:

The Brotherhood Without Banners is a George RR Martin fan group. Our primary mission is to bring together fans of GRRM’s writing for fun and discussion. Oh, and parties. Membership is open to everyone who is a fan of GRRM…

You can read lots more at the website.

Last year they had a whole stack of great books from authors as prizes in the charity raffle, but I remarked to one of the organisers that there wasn’t a single book there written by a woman.  Now, as they are a great bunch of guys who really care about George R.R. Martin, about SF in general, and the reputation of the Brotherhood, they took my comment to heart. So this year, there is — at the very least — one woman writer represented in the raffle prizes! There is a complete set of the Mirage Makers trilogy, which has never been available for sale in the USA.

This year the raffle is in support of the Joplin tornado disaster relief fund. So if you are at Worldcon, support the raffle! You ever know what you might win!


SF Worldcon in Reno — 6 Comments

  1. Lucky whoever wins those books, I already have them I'm pleased to say.

    I am actually reading GRRM's latest A Dance with Dragons, finding it hard going because each chapter changes to a different character. Difficult to maintain interest.

  2. Jo, I have that trouble with Martin too. He has, in my opinion too many lead characters, reads like a medieval soap opera. Ok if you have the time.

  3. I am not lacking in time exactly I just find I don't want to persevere with the narrative and I keep putting the book down. Not like Glenda's works which I can't put down.

  4. I stopped reading the series after the first half of the 3rd book, although I continued to buy a paperback copy of each as it comes out. When he finishes them, I shall read the lot in one fell swoop…

    I did see they are going to show the whole series here starting soon. I think it will be hard to understand as they cut every sex/kissing scene, every rude word, all overt mention of anything like incest, homosxuality etc (because we all know that if you don't mention these things they don't exist). However, slaughtering people is fine on Asian TV, so I guess there will be huge chunks they can show and who cares if it makes sense?

  5. That should be really good to watch with half the story missing.

    That's not a bad idea saving the books til you have them all.

  6. I just realized that your new book is out. Hope it's awailable in Finland. Going to a book store tomorrow when they open 🙂

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