Come listen…

…to me chat with Tansy Rayner Roberts on Galactichat  (a podcast site of Australian author interviews).
Tansy is herself an author of several  fantasies, and I am loving her ongoing trilogy, The Creature Court. I was well into the second book (The Shattered City) until I had to put it on hold because my sister swiped it, as she couldn’t wait!

At one point I say that the Swancon I just attended was my third – actually, it was my fourth.

The link is here.


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  1. Loved the interview Glenda, thanks. Was very interested to hear some of the ideas you picked up as a basis of events in the Watergivers. In a way its nice to know such things have basis in fact. Didn't realise you were planning to move back to Oz next year, best of luck.

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