So what are they?

Remains of ancient oil jars photographed by a camera lowered into a cave somewhere in the Middle East?

Nope. Each is hardly much bigger than my thumbnail and they are made of mud, by potter wasps. All found during a spring clean of my house.

You never know what you’ll find inside your home in the tropics. Apart from the ubiquitous roaches and other sundry insects, I have — over the years in this house — found the following either inside or on the verandah:

  • Cobras, grass-green whip-snake,
  • house rats, some kind of native rat with a white belly, shrews, house mice, plantain squirrel,
  • treeshrews (which is not a rodent),
  • three foot monitor lizards, common house geckoes (chichak), another larger gecko with reddish spots,
  • common palm civets,
  • oriental magpie robin, yellow-vented bulbul, white-throated kingfisher, pied fantail, white vented myna,
  •  scorpions, centipedes including the long-legged centipede, millipedes,
  • crickets and grasshoppers, jewel beetles, click beetles, longhorn beetles, rhinoceros beetles, moths larger than my hand,
  • bats,
  • frogs (including treefrogs), horned toads,
  • earthworms, blindworms (not sure what the correct name is),
  • spiders (including jumping spiders, and a huntsman carrying around twenty thousand babies that ran off in twenty thousand different directions)
  • monkeys — macaques and also leaf monkeys (neither inside the house but up on the roof),
  • neighbourhood cats of all colours and sizes…

I think I’ll stop there.


So what are they? — 4 Comments

  1. the cobras were enough to stop me … I have two phobias. snakes, and lightening, and you know, in a country where we have some nasty snakes, and usually tinderbox dry so lightening can start fires, I think they are almost sensible phobias *g*

  2. I wouldn't be too keen on snakes of any kind either, but there is a village in Japan where they encourage a particular white snake to live in their homes. Seen pix, don't know details.

    If you'd seen those wasps Glenda, you would just have taken pictures.

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