Not for the arachnophobes

This is a pic from my garden looking at the neighbour’s house. And that dot in the sky is…


 It’s an Orb spider, some times called a bird-eating spider (and yes, they do.) With it’s legs outstretched it would cover my open hand, easily. And they are no big deal for humans, so he can stay there as long as he likes. You can read more about it here.

Still haven’t managed to catch sight of that cuckoo in the garden, but am still thinking it sounds like a Banded Bay, and that would make sense as we have the brood host, the Common Iora, and there is a fairly wooded area at the back of our house, bordering the golf course.


Not for the arachnophobes — 3 Comments

  1. Well I wouldn't particularly want one in my back yard, but anyone who can let a wasp build in her bathroom!!!!!!

    I admire your attitude to all these critters, wish I could be as tolerant.

  2. There was this huge orb spider when I was young, hanging from a coconut tree. The coconut tree was very tall, so it probably suspended about 15 meters overhead the main road. And when the wind blew, it it swung wildly in the wind. Everyone on the road could see it.

    And there was a time when Gunung Jerai was invaded by these spiders. I remember once when I visited the place with my dad and brother for a holiday. These spiders were everywhere!

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