Remember the bore riders of The Tainted?

Well here’s the real thing. This bore tide was one of the many I researched for the book. Many thanks for the link to Gillian Pollack. You can read more about this 5-mile surf ride here.

And you can see what I did with the concept in The Tainted! Which was, by the way, voted by readers as one of the ten most popular reads in the first ten years of Harper Collins Voyager books in Australia.


Remember the bore riders of The Tainted? — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting, I didn't realise that people really did that although I think the ride in The Tainted was much more exciting. If I remember rightly, it was a much more aggressive bore. Its a year or two since I read it.

  2. Poetic license, Jo…! The final ride was more like an upriver tsunami because of a combination of king tide and stormwaters…

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