2010 in a personal retrospect

The year has ended badly, with the flu, and there were some troubles along the way…but mostly it was a good year.

Trip to Queensland for the Aurelius awards. Didn’t win, but it was a great trip. Love meeting up with my editor and fellow writers. Followed the awards with a fabulous birding trip north of Brisbane with Malaysian friends.

 The Tainted came out in French (“Corrompue“)
Sold the rights to the Mirage Makers to Germany.
Shadow of Tyr went to reprint in UK.

The Last Stormlord was released in UK on the 4th and went to reprint on the 11th. It was selected as Book of the Month by the book chain, Waterstones, in UK.
The Last Stormlord released in the USA.
Stormlord Rising released in Australia.

Went to UK  to visit younger daughter in Cardiff – and was noramlyed by a volcano, which meant staying an extra 10 days. Visited publishers in London.

Sold French rights to The Last Stormlord.

Stormlord Rising released in USA.

Working in the field – Fraser’s Hill.

Worldcon in Melbourne, Australia!
Followed by wonderful trip to Tasmania with sister and friends.

German translation of The Aware released. “Die Wissende“.
Working in the field – Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Danum Valley. Saw my first pygmy elephants in the wild!
Also went to Royal Belum State Park in Perak – and saw spectacular overflights of Plain-pouched Hornbills.

Stormlord Rising released in UK.
Back in the field again, with another trip to Danum Valley, Borneo.

Handed in the copy edit of Stormlord’s Exile.
Went to Glasgow for Xmas.
Came home with the flu.
Two reprints waiting for me – The Aware has gone to its 9th reprint in Australia! – and the 4th reprint For The Last Stormlord US edition.


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  1. Sorry about the flu Glenda, do you have flu shots in Malaysia? We have them every year. Otherwise, sounds like a pretty good year. Hope the flu will clear up soon. Do you both have it or just you? Drink lots of hot toddies, may not cure you but makes you feel better.

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