I have a spam filter on the comments, and it catches most of the rubbish.

What puzzles me is what some of the spam actually is. There is stuff in Chinese, Japanese and Russian. How many people reading my blog would actually read those languages?

And why do you think someone would bother to post this (computer generated?) nonsense – on a very old blog entry:

I be enduring infer from a insufficient of the articles on your website at this very moment, and I really like your line of blogging. I added it to my favorites trap age list and disposition be checking promote soon. Will check into public notice my put as ok and vindicate me be acquainted with what you think. Thanks.

What are they selling?

Sometimes such nonsense has an “anonymous” signature that can be clicked on (which I never do), but surely – even if I did allow the comment to be published – no one would be idiot enough to click on the signature of such twaddle. And who’s even going to see it when it’s a comment on a blog post that I wrote 3 years ago?

If I was going to send out spam aimed at bringing people to my website, I think I could think up something better than a pathetic attempt like this one. And there are stacks of it, just as silly and futile. Boy, do some people follow poor business models.

And just for a real laugh, did any of you see this (via Making Light)?


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  1. Glenda, this happens a lot on my friend's archaeology blog. Often people post comments to old entries, and they are spam, usually selling things or possibly directing you to their site so that they make money by advertising.

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