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  1. Glasses? Do they sell Chinese newspapers there, I was fascinated to see them in San Francisco, somehow I didn't connect that the Chinese would print their own papers, I don't know why not.

  2. And Malaysia has its own Chinese language newspapers sold everywhere, not just Chinatown. Many Malaysian Chinese – for reasons which totally mystify me – send their kids to Chinese language schools. As someone who sent my children to local Malaysian schools, this is just jaw-droppingly odd. Like sending American citizen kids to a Spanish language school in Boston, where English is taught as a second language. Or sending UK citizens in Liverpool to an Urdu medium school.

    Why would you want to deny the language and culture of the country you have called your own?

    My kids speak perfect English and are quite familiar with my culture because we spoke a lot of English at home, and read in English, watched a lot of English language TV. I didn't see the need to send them to an English language school.

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