Here are the best two books of August 2011… — 8 Comments

  1. Well I should hope you have read Exile LOL. I guess the same could be said of Karen too, she is one of your beta readers isn't she? August is such a long way away, sigh.

  2. 2 of my favourite authors. Yes August is a long time to wait BUT both books will be worth waiting for!!!! And a good birthday present to ones self if celebrating a special birthday around that time

  3. Bummer. Just got all excited about them – then I read "August":-( I deleted my previous comment and settled down for a long wait.

    Wouldn't mind betting they'll both be among my faves for next year, though!

  4. *Gives evil laugh…*

    Seriously, I am sad that there has been such a big gap between bk 2 and 3. Mea culpa, not the publishers. I missed the publication slot by a month or two (because I mucked up the beginning and realised I had to do a major re-write) and they had to re-schedule as a consequence.

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